Musique pour Oscar (2007)

Seven pieces for children choir, mezzo-soprano ad libitum, harp and cello


On texts by d'Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Germain Nouveau, Marceline Desbordes-Valmore and Dominique Touzé


20 min

Éditions Billaudot

Au Commencement (2005)

Four pieces for children choir and piano


On poems by Eugène Guillevic, Raymond Queneau, Henri Michaux and Jean Tardieu

23 min

Éditions Billaudot

Funeratio (2011)

For a cappella mixed choir


On a text by Virgile


3 min 45 s

Éditions Billaudot

Deux choeurs (2006)

For four-part a capella women choir

On poems by Olivier Tanguy

10 min

Éditions Billaudot

Laudate Pueri (2002)


Motet at 6 a cappella mixed part

5 min 30 s

Éditions Billaudot

Liturgies de l'ombre (2000)

For soprano and orchestra

On poems by Charles Péguy

I. De l'espérance    II. De la révolte    III. Résurrection de l'âme charnelle - - timb, 3 perc, piano, celesta, harps and strings:


8 min

Éditions Billaudot

Élégie de l'amour obscur (2012)

For soprano, string quartet and piano


On a poem by Yanowski


14 min

Éditions Billaudot

Vivre (2010)

Monologue for soprano and piano


On a poem by Typhanie Vigouroux


12 min

Éditions Billaudot

Trois merveilles du monde (2012)


For baritone and piano

On texts by  Victor Hugo

I. Les jardins de Babylone    II. Le Mausolée    III. Le phare d'Alexandrie 

11 min

Éditions Billaudot

Medea (2004)

Monologue for soprano, clarinet, cello and piano

Adaptation of Medea by Jean Vauthier

20 min

Éditions Billaudot

Divin Maître (2003)

For baritone and piano

Extract from Athanor  (original for two solo voices, mixed choir and orchestra)

On texts by Greeks and Latins alchemists and one extract of a poem in french by Oscar Vladislaz de Lubicz Milosz, extract from La Nuit de Noël (1922)


3 min

Éditions Billaudot

My sweet sister (2002)


For mezzo-soprano (or countertenor), piano and viola (or cello)


On a poem by Lord Byron


10 min

Éditions Billaudot

I'll not weep (2002)

For alto (or countertenor) and piano


On poems by Émily Jane Bronté


10 min

Éditions Billaudot

De l'espérance (1999)

For soprano and piano

Extract from Liturgies de l'ombre

On a poem by Charles Péguy

5 min


Aleph (2009)

Cosmic Trilogy (1997 - 2007) - - tim, 4 perc, piano, celesta and strings


9 min

Éditions Billaudot

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