Scardanelli (2020)

For choir and orchestra

On poems by Friedrich Hölderlin - 4.2.3 -  timb, 2 perc and strings

10 min 20 s

Éditions Billaudot

Liturgies de lumière (2018)

Cantata for choir and chamber orchestra

On poems by Charles Van Lerberghe and Hildegard Von Bingen

2 bassoons, 2 horns, 1 perc, harp, organ and strings

20 min

Éditions Billaudot

Astralis (2015)

Cantata for choir and orchestra

On a text by Novalis - - timb, 3 perc and strings

13 min

Éditions Billaudot

Sphaera (2006)

For choir and orchestra

On extracts of a Latin poem by Richard Crashaw - - timb, 3 perc, piano-celesta and strings

Chamber version : piano 4 hands, timbals and 2 percussions

14 min

Éditions Billaudot

Athanor (2003-2004)

For soprano, baritone, mixed choir and orchestra

On texts by Greeks and Latins alchemists and one extract of a poem by Oscar Vladislas Lubicz Milosz

I. Melanosis    II. Leukosis    III. Iosis - - timb, 5 perc, 2 harp, piano and strings

40 min

Éditions Billaudot

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